Dream Day Wedding

Oberon Games (Shareware)

Dream Day Wedding is a casual puzzle game developed by Oberon Games and published by I-Play. In this game, the player takes on the role of Jenny the bride-to-be’s best friend, who is in charge of planning the entire wedding and making sure that nothing goes awry. The player’s primary tasks include visiting the dressmaker, baker, florist, jeweler, and salon among others. There is a daily list of important items that need to be picked up before the stores close for each day. Hidden object format games require the player to sift through random objects in a shop in order to find all of the items on the list. Hints can be used to help the player locate hard-to-find items, but instead of the usual faint glimmer, the hidden object is shot with an arrow by Cupid.

Apart from locating items on Jenny’s list, the player must also collect special bluebirds that provide the bride with a much better wedding anniversary. Once the player finds all of the items on the daily list, s/he is given a chance to play a bonus round. One of the two rounds is called Perfect Match, which is essentially a wedding picture-themed memory game. Successfully completing this round rewards Jenny and her husband a special item to take with them on their honeymoon. In the Choose A Story round, several paragraphs narrating the first part of Jenny and her husband’s love story is provided, and the player is presented with three options as to how the story continues.