Dream Day First Home

Oberon Media (Shareware)

Dream Day First Home is the third installment in the Dream Day series of games. It is a hidden object game that follows the story of Robert and Jenny who are newlyweds that are looking for their first home as husband and wife. Players assume the role of the couple’s friend who must redecorate the home and look for items that they need. There are times in the game wherein the player is asked to choose between three different items. The player’s choice affects the outcome of the home. The first choice the player has to make is the style of the home. Players are given two styles – with each style having a different storyline.

Players must go to different locations and look for items that are on the list, which can be found on the left side of the game screen. Items that are already found are crossed out from the list. When the player is stuck, hints can be used. There are three hints available, but users can get more hints by finding gold eggs in different locations. There is a time limit for each room visited, and players must find all the items on the list before the time is up.