Dream Computer Piano 1.04 (Shareware)

Dream Computer Piano is a program that allows users to play a virtual piano on their computers. Users do not need to have advanced piano skills in order to use this application. The program also features an assistant that helps users play the piano smoothly even if the measure of the song is quite fast. There are songs in MIDI format that are already built-in to the application, but users can download and import their own songs or the songs they like to play using the application.

Once a song is loaded to the program, users can follow the on screen prompt for which letters and symbols on the keyboard to click in order to play the song. Each piano key has a corresponding letter, number, or symbol on the keyboard. Users do not need to memorize the keys, as there is a visual guide on the screen. The application also has settings that users can configure. These settings allow users to select the difficulty level for the song, the play mode, the keyboard, and the type of piano sound. The program’s background can also be changed. With this program, users can also record the songs they play and share it with friends.