Dream Chronicles - The Chosen Child 1

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Dream Chronicles – The Chosen Child is mystery hidden object game that was first released in 2009. It is the third game in the Dream Chronicles installment of hidden object games. The storyline continues after the events of the second installment. In the game, Faye has just woken up not remembering anything from her past. The only clue she has are her dreams of having a daughter and husband who are in the grips of Fairy the Queen of Dreams. A man in a crystal ball is her only guide to find her daughter and husband.

In the game, players get to visit different locations and find items that can be added to the inventory. These items can be used later on in order to progress through the game. Aside from the hidden object aspect of the game, players are also presented with different kinds of puzzles that must be solved.

More of the program’s features are as follows:

• Comes with an atmospheric soundtrack and sound effects that make the game more interesting to play
• Gripping storyline that continues the story of the lead character from previous Dream Chronicles games
• Has a hint system represented by a man inside a crystal ball