Dream Aquarium Updater

Spiralmonkey software (Bundled)

Dream Aquarium is an application that changes the computer’s screensaver to an aquarium. The program offers over 20 species of fish and two types of fish tanks. Users can also download more fish and aquarium decorations from the store ( The fish on the screensaver act like real fish. They eat food, chase each other, and swim through the decorations in the fish tank. Apart from fish, the aquarium also has a fiddler crab. The fiddler crab stays at the bottom of the aquarium to clean and chase the fish.

Aside from the realistic fish and, the aquarium also features light rays and water ripples that make the aquarium seem more realistic. Users can set the options for bubble streams and the feeding of the fish (manual or automatic).

Other features of the application include the following:
• License applicable for up to three computers
• Unlimited updates
• Support for widescreen format
• Support for multi-monitor setup
• Wide variety of fish species

Dream Aquarium can be updated an unlimited number of times once the user has paid for a license. Users can also learn more about the program and discuss with other users by visiting the online forum.