Drawstitch Ltd. (Proprietary)

DRAWings is an application used for designing patterns for silk screen printing, quilting, and embroidery. The program comes with different tools that make it easy for users to create patterns for cutting, rhinestone and crystal designing, and many others. All the tools and for the different activities that can be done with the application can be accessed at the upper, bottom, left, and right part of the main work area. Listed below are the main features of the components included in the application:

• Crafting and Cutting – This tool enables users to create designs that can be used on cutting machines. Users may also print these designs straight from the program.
• Rhinestone Design – The program comes with a wide selection of rhinestones that are available in different sizes and colors. This allows users to create different types of designs.
• Textile Printing – Users can import images or use create images to be used for textile printing. These designs can be printed out on heat transfer paper to come up with creative and fashionable items.
• Computerized Quilting – This section of the program allows users to quilt digitally. There are different types of quilting techniques that are built into the applications, so the possibilities are endless.