Drawing for Children 2.2

Mark Overmars (Freeware)

Drawing for Children is a free drawing application for children. It offers a child drawing mode. It has a basic set of tools with options such as different pens, drawing stamps, and text effects, to name a few. The program is designed to be accessible to children who cannot read. The application allows users to explore the application at their own pace. It provides normal drawing commands for lines, circles, triangles, and other geometric shapes.

The program’s main operations include:

• Sketching – It provides pens of different thickness, colors, shapes and more. Users can fill areas and even make mirrored sketches.
• Drawing symbols – It provides different usable symbols such as arrows, line, rectangles and more. It also includes arbitrary or predefined polygons.
• Create text – Texts can be modified. Users can choose text styles, rotated text, text font and more.
• Create stamps – Users can add different images to their own drawings. It includes animals, plants, flowers and more.
• Create background – The application provides the users a number of ways to create backgrounds. Creating a background will erase the drawing.