pixelStorm entertainment studios Inc. (Shareware)

DragonStone is a game in the Match-3 genre in which the player takes the role of a knight named Baldric who has to recover the DragonStone. To do this, the player has to shoot colored stones into groups of like-colored stones. The game is divided into chapters; in each, the player is taken to different lands. In these lands are the game’s 80 levels; players have to finish all the levels to win the game and claim the DragonStone.

There are two difficulty levels the player can choose from at the beginning of the game. The casual mode provides the player with a pointer to help the player in aiming the bow to the groups of colored stones that must be hit. The expert mode gives the players more challenges to deal with, such as more enemies.

Left-clicking the mouse releases a stone from the crossbow into the groups of stones below. When the stone hits a set of matching stones, the stones will dissolve, and the land holding them will crumble and give way, revealing more stones. The player must keep on shooting stones until the end of the level is reached. In each level, there are items that may help in clearing out stones, such as powder kegs. Players can also shoot enemies using the enchanted crossbow. At the end of each level, the total points gained are shown.