Liquid Entertainment (Proprietary)

D&D: Dragonshard is a real-time strategy game based on the popular role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons. The plot of the game happens in a war-torn place called, Eberron, which is first encountered in D&D’s campaign setting. Beneath this land is all manner of evil beings including demons and monsters. On the surface though, humans, Halflings, and dwarves live in harmony. Eberron is located at the center of the magical multi-colored belt called the Ring of Siberys. This ring contains multiple shards of crystal, from which the game’s name is inspired. The two worlds each has a map in which the games take place. The player must go back and forth and explore both worlds. The player must build structures by establishing foundations, collect various resources, and put an army together.

The game presents three factions that players can control namely, Lizardfolk, Order of the Flame, and the Umbragen. In addition, armies are made up of four types of units. The Champions unit is made up of heroes, which the player could summon in the multiplayer and skirmish modes. The Juggernauts unit consists of powerful soldiers who do not have the ability to enter the underworld. In the Captains unit, soldiers can be upgraded and have the ability to build their own squadron. Finally, the Soldiers unit supports their respective captains and cannot be given commands individually.