Dragon Keeper 2

Jam Halamacek (Shareware)

Dragon Keeper 2 is a computer game wherein the player has to manage dragons that have different abilities. In this game, the player acts as caretaker to the dragons. These dragons are being groomed to ultimately defeat the evil witch – the villain in this game. The player's character is actually a princess. An evil witch turns her husband-to-be into a fish, which fuels her drive to banish her from the kingdom. The player must then take care of the dragons that lay gems. These gems are then used to help identify the witch's location, among other uses.

At the beginning of Dragon Keeper 2, the player only has one dragon that resides in a cave. When fed, the dragon releases gems. These gems come in different colors. Also, they can be used to make jewelry that can be sold for additional money. This cash can then be used to purchase more dragons. The player must watch out for trolls, who might steal the dragons.

Dragon Keeper 2 has an advanced tutorial, which lets the player know the how the game is played. In addition to the main story mode, there are two other modes called Endless and Survival. Upgrades can also be purchased, as well as items that can be used to upgrade the cave in which the dragons are kept.