Dragon Ball Z Infinite World

Dimps (Proprietary)

Dragon Ball Z Infinite World is a PlayStation 2 fighting game that is based on the anime series Dragon Ball. In this game, players take control of various characters from the anime franchise, and fight with the other characters that may be controlled by another player or by the game AI if in single-player mode. There are 42 playable characters, including Goku, Kid Gohan, and Teen Gohan.

The game’s story mode is called Dragon Mission and it features different gameplay elements that make it less linear. It is displayed in map form and contains various missions (shown as icons) that go over some of the battles within the games Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Z. Players go through the main sagas in the Dragon Ball series, such as the Saiyan Sagam Androids Saga, and GT Saga.

In this mode, players control their character, a Goku avatar. To start accomplishing missions, players make Goku walk or run to the corresponding mission icon. The missions may range from timed endurance battles to standard ones. There are also minigames such as races to a destination, a search for an item, first person shooters, on-foot searches, and games where the player must click a button sequence within a specified time limit. An extra mode titled Fighter’s Road is unlocked after achieving certain goals.