Dragon Ball 2.2

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Dragon Ball is a game in the Match-3 genre. The story is set 2000 years ago when the dragon family helped the god Titan in a battle with Zeus. Titan lost the battle, and since then the dragons have been exiled to remote countries, taking their treasured pearls with them. Now, the dragon family seeks to regain their lost glory by finding the pearls and collecting them. The user, as the young Manga Dragon and the most able member of the dragon family, is tasked to overcome the challenges to posed by the older dragons before he can be given the magic pearls.

To obtain the magic pearls, players must bounce out pearls from the game area by arranging them in lines of three or more same-colored pearls. Power-ups are achieved by arranging four or more pearls of the same color. Players arrange pearls by swapping one with another. Pearls must be bounced out before they fill up the game area.

There are two playing modes in the game. In story mode, players follow the dragon saga while meeting the challenges set by older dragons. The players are taken to different countries including Greece, India, and Egypt where the magic pearls are. Players must succeed in the challenges before being given the pearls and move on to the next location until all of the pearls are collected.