Dragon Age: Origins

BioWare (Proprietary)

Dragon Age: Origins is a video game developed by BioWare and was released in November 2009. This game is a third person role playing game where players take control of a character and guides that character in interacting with the environment. Dragon Age: Origins also features a fantasy-themed story line and a combat-based gameplay. The game provides a third person, over-the-shoulder view as well as a rotating camera view of the character. Dragon Age: Origins focuses on its story and only provides a single player mode.

Dragon Age: Origins is set in the fictional kingdom of Ferelden during a time of civil strife and an impending invasion by demonic forces. Players assume the role of a warrior, mage or rogue that come from various races such as elven, human, and dwarven. Players are recruited as a “Grey Warden” that is tasked to fight the invading demonic forces known as the “Blight”. The game story has no tracking moral alignment. Players are free to decide which faction to support by giving gifts or by speech interaction. The game also features in-game non-player characters (NPC) that reappear in different stages of the game. These NPCs can become allies or foes depending on the decisions given by the player in the game. Like most role-playing games, Dragon Age: Origins features a level up system where players increase their character level by accumulating experience points obtained from defeating enemies. Leveling up allows the player to increase the character’s attributes and unlock special skills.