Dragon Age II

BioWare (Proprietary)

Dragon Age II is an action RPG first released in 2011 in North America. It is the second entry in the Dragon Age series. The game is set in Thedas, a mythological fictional world. It narrates the story of Hawke and his journey to becoming the Champion of Kirkwall. The storyline is depicted in three acts following a linear narrative flow.  

As a role-playing game, the player can customize the main character’s name, appearance, gender and combat specialty. Although Hawke is the main character in the game, the player can also control secondary characters accompanying Hawke. The player also has the ability to choose to up to three companions. During a combat, switching between the party members and ordering each member separately is possible. The player can also collect loot from the enemy after each battle. Combats also add experience to the characters. Gaining more experience enables the player to unlock character abilities. The player also has control over Hawke’s interactions.

One of the important aspects in the game is Hawke’s affinity with the companions. Every companion has an approval bar indicating how much that character likes or dislikes Hawke. Everything that Hawke does and says can affect the companions’ approval bar. However, after reaching 100% rivalry/friendship, that character’s perceptions towards Hawke will no longer change. Reaching 100% rivalry or friendship provides a combat bonus. 100% rivalry improves that companion’s combat ability while 100% friendship improves the overall combat ability of the group.