Drago (Shareware)

Drago is an application intended for Windows users and designed primarily for browsing the game of Go. This is the application to use when a user wants to read game files and folders. This utility includes editing functions in its roster of capabilities as well. This is a program which is SGF-compliant and capable of standard installation and complete uninstallation. As soon as the program is launched, users of Drago will find themselves faced with a tabbed interface that is easy to work with.

Drago is also useful in creating game databases. Drago has search function as well. Users can make use of this functionality to find game properties such as results and players.

Drago has additional functions including printing, replaying games, playing against game engines, solving game-related problems, and exporting. In terms of export function this program can export figures to a variety of formats such as but not limited to PNG, BMP, WMF, ASCII and JPEG. Drago can also be used to export games to PDF format as well as RTF, Word, and HTML.

Drago is interfaced with an open source library know as the Libkombilo library. This resource provides users with all the functions available from the database program Kombilo which was developed by Ulrich Goertz.