Dr. Web R for Windows

Doctor Web, Ltd. (Shareware)

Dr. Web R for Windows is a security application that removes threats from a computer. It has anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-rootkit tools to keep the computer safe from unwanted files that may enter the system through emails, attachments, and websites. The application has the Dr.Web SelfPROtect technology that makes the program immune to attacks by malicious programs. This ensures that the security software still runs even if the computer is infected. It also has a built-in Origins Tracing, which detects unknown threats. Another feature of the program is SpIDer Mail. SpIDer Mail scans all the components of an incoming email message including attachments before it is delivered to the inbox. This makes sure that all received mails are safe to open and attachments are safe to download.

Users can set the scan time and frequency with the built-in scheduler. Upon detecting threats, the program also allows the user to specify what to do with them (delete, quarantine, etc.). The program has low system requirements to ensure that it does not clog up the system. It can be used in laptops and netbooks that have low-end hardware. Dr. Web R for Windows searches for updates automatically. Users also have the option to set the update schedule.