Dr. Web AV-Desk

Dr. Web, Ltd. (Proprietary)

Dr. Wed AV Desk is a program package which provides Information Technology (IT) security services for business enterprises. It has the capability to provide its services regardless of how dispersed the information system is or how many the computer units are in the system. It is able to detect most malwares and spam and has the capability to stop those security threats upon detection. The security policy which it provides can be customized to the needs of the business and its users. For instance, users accessing a company’s secure network from an airport need a different security measure compared to users who are operating from the company office.  The configuration permissions, which determine who can access the software and how it can be accessed, can also be defined.

Other unique features of this Dr. Web A-V Desk include the following:
• Software is configured to the needs of users prior to installation on all the in-scope workstations.
• The anti-virus network included has simultaneous support of several network protocols (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBIOS) so it is easily integrated to the existing infrastructure.
• The easy-to-use network administration tools such as hosts and controls allow the administrator to manage the security efficiently.

Once the software package has been installed, the network administrator can make changes on the software depending on the needs of his enterprise. However, all changes need to be tested prior to implementation to ensure that there are no negative impacts to the business.