Tolunay Orkun (Freeware)

Dr. TCP is an application that works as a shortcut in one’s registry. Settings can be adjusted by users for optimal broadband connection. It is especially designed for Windows XP and 2K users. It has the ability to modify TCP parameters which result in a difference in the Internet connection’s download speeds. It also does not leave footprints on registry settings.

The task of tuning a TCP is normally not easy to do. A large amount of network knowledge is needed to accomplish it. Even an advanced user sometimes is not able to get an improvement in a computer’s performance. Applying registry changes entails connection issues. Undoing an operation is sometimes also not possible. The application is able to access the computer registry’s specific areas which contain TCP options. The program’s interface is simple. However, the program and its functions can be best understood by and were designed for advanced computer users instead of beginners. A single window contains all the application’s settings which include detection of black hole, selective acks, discovery of path MTU, adapter options, and time stamping. After users configure these settings, the program’s “Save” button must be clicked on. A network restart or a reboot might follow to effect the changes that have been made. Installation is not needed to use the program. The application is portable, and can be run from removable drives and on any computer. Before using the program, users are also advised to perform registry backup first.