Dr Kawashima

Nintendo (Shareware)

Dr Kawashima is a brain training game that is scientifically tested to deliver what it promises. It is composed of a set of puzzle games that are intended to stimulate the human brain. The name of the utility comes from the originator of these stimulating games, Dr. Kawashima.

Dr. Ryuta Kawashima is a neuroscientist from Japan who was closely involved in research on brain mapping. He is a recognized neurophysiologist and his expertise in brain imaging is world renowned. He is also actively involved in studies concerned with brain development in children and in the retention and recover of mental facilities in aging individuals.

The application presents brain training exercises that challenge people to flex their mental muscles, improve brain capacity even with advancing age, and it also features bonus content. In Dr Kawashima, the game progresses forward as additional levels are unlocked. There is also a challenge mode wherein as many as four people can play the games on one device.

This educational tool features the following games: Sudoku, Reading Aloud, Syllable Count, Word Memory, Stroop Test, Head Count, Calculation, Low to High, Triangle Math, Speed Counting, and Connect Maze. Studies have shown that the brain requires continuous stimulation in order to prevent memory loss and degenerative brain illnesses including Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dr Kawashima is also available for iPod touch and iPhone. The devices must have the latest Apple iOS before it can be played. This utility is available in many languages.