Dr. Hardware 2009

Peter A. Gebhard Software (Shareware)

Dr. Hardware 2009 is an advanced information program intended for the use of both amateurs and professionals who need a utility to analyze various types of devices such as mainboard chipsets, processors, and PCI devices. Dr. Hardware 2009 may be used on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

These are the data provided by this tool: cache information, technology, clock rate, SDRAM memory modules, mainboard, and thermal sensor. When this program displays information, it includes total capacity, free capacity, and used space. Data about printers, scanners, modems, keyboard, and cameras that are attached to the computer are given as well.

This utility conducts a full examination of a computer system. This tool is a lightweight app that gives the user relevant information on the hardware as well as other devices detected by the computer. The user can then make use of the information on the operating system and other resources in determining whether the system is at optimum.

Dr. Hardware 2009 is a tool that encompasses the following functions:
• Network analysis
• Hardware sensor test
• Processor detection
• Seven benchmark tests
• Benchmark comparison

Dr. Hardware 2009 is also capable of analyzing USB devices, detailed display analysis, and mouse and keyboard analysis. Advanced users will find the tool quite handy to use. Meanwhile, new users may need to spend time getting used to the parameters.