Download Service Utilitiy

Spesoft (Freeware)

Spesoft Ltd. created and released the Download Service Utility application in 2010. Initially, this particular application served as a system enhancement for their GameEx program. The GameEx program is an emulator which allows users to download and play various computer games using a virtual console.

This is an application that functions by helping its users with the download element of the emulator system. With this system tool, it is possible for the user to download chosen programs that will function reliably when launched using the GameEx emulator. Before this system tool was released, the virtual games console experienced numerous glitches with different games and features. The Download Service Utility aimed to solve all of these problems, thereby allowing program users to make the most of their GameEx purchases. The utility configures the downloaded files to meet the needs of the emulator. This makes the downloaded files highly compatible with the system leading to a more consistent gaming experience for the GameEx user.

This application is straightforward and easy to use. After being downloaded, it can be configured to work with the emulator. An icon and program folder is created for easy tracking. The enhancement has proven to be quite advantageous for people who rely on emulators to play computer games.