A.Kilievich & Co. (Bundled)

Download+ is a soft ware application created by independent program developers, A. Kilievich & Co. This program serves the purpose of providing its users with the ability to copy and download various files from online sources. It also provides extended download support making it easier for files to be obtained no matter how big they are or where they are located.

Whenever a file is downloaded, the interface of the Download+ program will show the file size, download speed, elapsed download time, expected download time span, and other pertinent information. The interface is basic yet covers all of the information requirements that are expected from this type of download software. To commence download, users must right-click on a specific file and select the “Download” option. This action prompts the program to open a dialogue box wherein users can configure destination settings. The program allows its users to apply different skin modes to the interface to give it a customized look and feel. Downloads can also be paused, started, and cancelled as desired. It also features optimized caching during the copying process. Should there be any network interferences that lead to the stoppage of any file downloads, the program will immediately resume all tasks upon restart.