Download Accelerator Manager

Tensons Corporation (Freeware)

Download Accelerator Manager is an application from Tenson Corporation that allows downloading of online content. The user can download software and multimedia simultaneously at efficient speeds. The program is also integrated with Media Grabber that allows downloading of content from specific websites, such as Daily Motion.

The user needs to enter the URL of the file to start the download. The user will then have to enter the file name and other information. In addition, the user needs to set the destination folder. The files can be downloaded immediately or it can be scheduled. Aside from that, the scheduled download can be done in one go. The user also has the option to set the action at different time intervals. Downloads that are scheduled before shutdown will be completed before the computer turns off.

The user can customize the tools for the downloaded file. The software allows customization of the download speed. The user has the option to receive notifications for completed and failed downloads. Alerts come with a tone that can be specified by the user as well. The output can be classified according to its format. It also allows sorting of files according to download status. Downloading files through DAM takes low CPU space.