DOSBox DOS Emulator

DOSBox Team (Freeware)

DOSBox is a DOS Emulator application developed by the DOSBox Team. It utilizes the SDL-library allowing it to port to various platforms. This program provides an interface for accessing input devices, sound and graphics allowing you to run classic applications. It can emulate Directory FileSystem, 386 and 286 in both protected and real modes, Expanded Memory Specifications (EMS) or eXtended Memory Specification (XMS). Different graphics range including EGA, Hercules, Tandy and VESA, VGA and SoundBlaster/Gravis Ultra Sound card are also supported. DOSBox comes with its own command prompt similar to DOS.

DOSBox is capable of emulating multiple legacy sound devices such as Tandy 3 voice, Creative CMS/GameBlaster, Internal PC speaker/Buzzer and more. A full screen mode, which can be activated through keyboard shortcut or by editing configuration file, is also available. Users can also adjust the number of cycles, or number of instructions that can be emulated from the program. Most of the commands found in are also supported by this application. There are different ways to mount in DOSBox such as mounting a folder as a hard disk drive, mounting c:\dosgames\floppy as floppy: or mounting CD-ROM drive at media/mountpoint/cdrom as CD-ROM drive D in the program. The program also features DOSBox Status Window, which contains information about the program’s current configuration. It also has a configuration (options) file, which is divided into multiple sections.