Dora the Explorer Snapshots is the software application that comes with the Dora Talking Digital Camera. Its main purpose is to give the user the ability manage and organize photos taken through the camera, by editing images and creating albums. As soon as the program is installed, it automatically detects all the photo images stored in the computer’s hard disk. Along with the photos taken with the camera, all the other images will appear on the Manage tab, so that users can choose the files that they wish to edit. The Creative tab allows users to jazz up their photos with Dora-themed effects. For instance, images can be embellished with Dora-inspired frames and design templates.

The user interface of Dora the Explorer Snapshots has the bright and colorful theme of the popular cartoon show. Although the program may be uninstalled at any time, it is mandatory for downloading, uploading, and managing photos taken with the Dora Talking Digital Camera. While the program is relatively simple to navigate and operate, younger users will still need the assistance of someone older and more experienced with handling camera applications. The program also comes with a few games that are inspired by the quests of Dora and her companion, Boots the monkey.