Dora Saves the Snow Princess 1

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Dora Saves the Snow Princess is an adventure platformer developed by the company, High Voltage Entertainment. It is based on the popular children’s show, Dora the Explorer, which is aired in Nickelodeon. This game is aimed at very young players and the main object is to save the Snow Princess. The player assumes the role of Dora, who goes through various challenges like skating on ice, hopping on bouncy plants, and swinging from tree vines. Apart from entertainment elements of this game, it also provides players with an educational experience as well. Dora teaches players basic Spanish words and phrases and some scenes require critical thinking.

The game commences with a tutorial that demonstrates important actions to the players. The game offers multiple levels, each of which comes with a specific goal. Dora will need to pick up various objects and locate hidden items for each level. At the end of each level, Dora participates in a race that could take place on land, water, or air. These races also have obstacles, so the player must avoid them to reach the finish line. Once the game is completed, players can compete with another player in another race. However, winning this race involves the number of collected tokens as opposed to reaching the finish line first.