doPDF Printer 7.3

Softland (Freeware)

doPDF Printer is a program that enables users to convert printable document files into PDF. PDF or Portable Document Format is a file format used to contain numeric-text, font, and graphics data in a manner independent of operating systems, application software, and hardware. PDF files deliver a fixed-layout document whose contents cannot be altered easily. doPDF Printer is used by individual users, offices, and small businesses to create PDF files from text, image, and other graphics files. This program enables users to prepare the aforementioned documents for printing into hard copies. doPDF Printer contains settings used to select the printer used for printing, change the layout, margins, and select the paper size, height, width, graphic details, as well as orientation (portrait or landscape). In addition to these, users can save the output PDF file in a desired location for later printing. Users may save their PDF files from a range of 72 to 2400 dpi resolution.

doPDF Printer features a simple user interface that features wizard-type controls. Upon activating the program, it will prompt the user to select a file to be converted to PDF. Users are provided with a file browser that enables them to locate the desired file from any folder in the computer’s hard drive. After selecting the file, doPDF Printer will ask users to select a folder for the output location. Users can set this location as the default output folder or select a different folder every time they would convert files to PDF. Users may now initiate the conversion process once the target directory has been selected. doPDF Printer would automatically proceed to convert the file and then notify the user once the conversion process is finished.