Doodle Jump PC (Freeware)

Doodle Jump PC is an adventure game where players need to guide a green alien on a sheet of paper. In each level, users must go through the obstacles and use the items in the game to reach the end of the level. As the game progresses, the level becomes harder. There are also obstacles present in each level. These include black holes, monsters, and planks that are broken. Doodle Jump PC also has a multiplayer mode. Players can compete with each other in order to see who gets the highest score. At the main screen of the game, users can set the game speed and sensibility by using the sliders.

There are also helpful items that users can find in the game. These include propellers, jet packs and spring boards. These items can be utilized in order to progress quicker in the game. The enemies in the game can be eliminated by firing blanks.

Doodle Jump is also available in different platforms and consoles including Xbox 360, Android, Nintendo, PlayStation, Mac, and iPhone. Doodle Jump PC is a simple game that provides challenging levels to test a player’s hand-eye coordination. Players can visit the game’s official website for tips on playing the game.