DominateGame 1.0

Emiel Bruijntjes (Freeware)

Dominate Game is an online gaming application that revolves around the idea of world domination. The game is similar to a board game with an interface showing the primary image of a color-coded map of the world, which is divided into the seven continents. Players have the opportunity to play online over a designated network, or download the game for offline access and gameplay. It is a turn-based game that is played in multiplayer mode.

In this game, players are tasked to strategically place armies on the map and counteract the defenses that have been set in motion by the other players. Armies can be placed on the board one at a time, or several at one go, depending on the player’s battle strategy. Each player is allowed to position a maximum of four armies in each country.

Cards are given to players that are able to take ownership of countries. To win the game, players have to take over as many countries as possible by tactically positioning armies on the board. Players can launch attacks as they deem necessary. One army can be attacked at one time. Players lose ownership of countries when they lose all of their armies during the attacks.