Dolphin Text Editor Menu 2.9

Animal Software (Freeware)

The Dolphin Text Editor is a translation program that allows users to easily make adjustments to documents that they have typed up. It is not easy to find the right words for particular statements. Checking resource sites and dictionaries word for word can also take up a lot of time. A program that can assess wordings in bulk and generates adequate translations or rephrasing is the Dolphin Text Editor. This particular application comes with several features that are presented in the Dolphin Text Editor Menu.

The Dolphin Text Editor Menu makes it easier for users to manipulate the offerings of the program by providing them with a list of the services that they can expect from the editor. Aside from displaying the available program features, the menu also acts as a quick action list. The features available in the menu can be clicked and this action will immediately execute the chosen command feature.

There are different feature entries that can be found on the Dolphin Text Editor Menu starting with list sorting and XML formatting. Other purpose-specific formatting can also be triggered using the menu. Users can also access capitalization functions from the list together with font changes and other layout features.