DOFMaster Hyperfocal Chart Application

DoFMaster (Freeware)

Developed by DoF Master, the Depth of Field Calculator is an extremely useful tool for both professional and amateur enthusiast photographers. The program is an elegant software replacement for the now scarcely found markings on lenses. Lenses used to be manufactured with markings on them. These markings made it easier for the photographer to identify the qualities of their lenses. These qualities include things such as focal length, depth of field, aperture or f/stops, lens crop and other qualities.

The Depth of Field Calculator can be used in identification of these qualities. This program can be used in the field to calculate the many qualities previously mentioned. The program can be customized to create scales that suit the photographer’s needs. The program supports all types of cameras. These can range from DSLRs, TLRs, different types of sensors be it both digital and analogue. The program also supports medium format and large format cameras, with selections displayed on the left hand side of the interface. Focal length support is very wide. The program supports lenses anywhere between super wide 3mm to extreme telephoto 1200mm lenses. Support for both imperial and metric system is available.

Other features include:
• Size ranges, anywhere from 1.75in to 8in in diameter
• Stretch the scale size to suit the current lens