(Open Source)

DocFetcher is a desktop search program which enables users to search a file’s contents. File types such as documents, pictures, and music can all be used with the program. It can be equivalent to Google in terms of local files. Numerous document formats are supported and include ppt, xls, doc, pst, pdf, xhtml, html, rtf, flac, mp3, chm, flac, AbiWord, mp3, vsd, svg, and jpeg, among others.

The program’s interface is composed of a main window that has an organized layout. The program’s Readme file enables users to learn every function of the application. Document types are filtered on the interface’s left portion. Search tasks can be made by users first specifying search locations which is done by creating index forms. The latter can be in the form of archives, folders, PST items in Outlook, and the computer’s Clipboard. Adjustments can be made in creating index forms. A HTML pair can be indexed as a document, executable ZIP and 7Z archives can be detected, and relative paths may be stored if possible. Options’ default values can be reinstated at any time. Designating the maximum and minimum file size enables results to be filtered. DocFetcher takes up a small amount of a computer system’s memory and resources to operate. Other program features include Unicode support, query syntax, and 64-bit and archive support, among others.