DnsSpeeder 2.85 (Shareware)

DnsSpeeder is a DBS proxy tool developed by Shareware Studio released in August 2012. This program is a networking tool functioning as a DNS server and DNS proxy. This function speeds up the Internet connectivity of the user’s computer.  The DnsSpeeder performs this function by accepting the DNS requests sent by clients. The program looks up the requested domain’s IP address in the computer’s local cache. If the user has previously accessed this site, then the program will find it. When the program finds the IP address, it forwards the same to the client. If not, then the program sends the query to known DNS servers. These DNS servers will then send resolution results to the program, which will then be sent to the client. The program automatically filters unsuitable domains.

DnsSpeeder features a simple grey user interface. The menu bar includes menu options for File, DNS, Tools, and Help. The top left portion of the interface a status bar graph of DNS requests with function buttons at the bottom; including Start, Stop, Options, Filter, and Black IP. The upper right portion shows the IP addresses connected to the DNS server. The middle panel shows the different domains stored in the local cache, with their corresponding IP addresses and Hits. The bottom part of the window shows the Network status, DNS Server IP, Cache Update, and Proxy Server IP.