DNRGarmin 5.4.1

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (Freeware)

DNRGarmin is an application developed to enable users to transfer data between GPS handheld receivers. It can also be used with various GIS programs and works with Google Earth, ArcView, ArcMap, ArcExplorer, and Landview. With this application, users can utilize point features such as shapefiles and graphics and upload these to a GPS unit as Waypoints. In addition, Polygon Graphics as well as Line Graphics may be uploaded to the system as Routes or Track Logs.

This application can also be used to directly transfer Track Logs, Waypoints, and Routes that have been collected using the receiver to GIS programs such as ArcMap and ArcView. These will be saved as Shapefiles or Graphics. One of the key features of DNRGarmin is its Real-Time Tracking Mode, which collects real-time locational information. With this feature, users are given the ability to follow their progress on the ground from their GIS tools, such as a Landview Map, an ArcMap Data Frame, or an ArcView Document. The track log generated in real-time can be saved in two ways: one, as a shapefile or set of graphics; and two, as points or lines.

The user interface of this application is straightforward; a grid shows the data types with their coordinates. Users can add a comment to identify the specific areas listed.