DNG ProfileManager

X-rite Photo (Freeware)

The DNG Profile Manager is a utility developed by X-Rite Photo. It is an application that allows users to manage the custom profiles that can be found in the ColorChecker Passport program. This is a multimedia imaging program that reduces the need for extensive quality processing when working with pictures and similar files.

Camera profiles differ per gadget and there are different image editing styles that can be applied depending on the output of these devices. These profiles can be stored in the ColorChecker Passport program. There are different profiles that can be created under the ColorChecker Passport program from the same company. The DNG Profile Manager is an add-on tool that can help users manage these profiles. Aside from renaming them, the profiles can also be deleted as deemed necessary by the user. It is also possible, with the DNG Profile Manager, to search profiles and sort them accordingly. If there is a need for the profiles to be enabled or disabled, to increase the efficiency of the system, then this is the tool that is needed for the job.

The DNG Profile Manager comes free with the ColorChecker Passport application and can be updated via online download offerings. It works well with Windows and Apple operating systems.