ABACOM (Proprietary)

DMM-Easy is a program that provides the user with a comprehensive set of tools for the development of measuring technology projects which are founded on digital multimeters. This utility allows users to create fully functional and complete control systems without the need for additional applications. With this program, any project may be created step by step using a set of procedures similar to that of coming up with a drawing of a wiring diagram.

DMM-Easy is equipped such that users who do not have programming skill can utilize its features fully. There is no need to write one program line. All the user needs to do with the help of DDM-Easy is to add displays and buttons to the diagram until the project is completed. DMM-Easy users are given numerous setting options to choose from. There is a wide range available for measurements as well as recording speed.

DMM-Easy belongs to ABACOM’s Profilab-Expert program package. DMM-Easy supports numerous types of multimeter and presents the user with a graphical and digital display. The chart provided can be moved via the plotter to the left. As soon as the measurements are completed, the paper can be moved toward either direction so that the viewer can see the information that’s not within current view.