DLsite Viewer

EISYS,inc (Freeware)

DLSite Viewer is an application that allows users to download DLsite Touch, which requires user authentication. It is developed under EISYS, Inc. Once it is installed, it automatically examines the version then installs the appropriate DLSite installer pack which contains support for both 32-bit and 64-bit version users.

DLSite Viewer supports two languages, namely Japanese and English. It has a simplified user interface that is easily manageable even for new users. The interface contains links to settings, full screen mode, context menu, status bar, tool bar, and main menu. DLSite Touch, its parent site, lets users download premier G-rated manga and other comic content. It performs user authentication for contents viewed for the first time so it does not need to be tested again for the succeeding readings.

Its other capabilities allow DLSite Touch users to view content in Android devices, show pages in single or two-page view, zoom content for preferred size, bookmark to resume reading after stopping, and view pages in thumbnail or autoplay.

DLSite Viewer also enables the bookshelf function, allowing users to organize their files in list or rack format, organize the whole library, and move and delete files instantly. It also has the downloads manager feature, which helps users keep track of the progress of materials downloaded from the DLSite Touch site.