DllSuite 2013 (Freeware)

DllSuite fixes dll errors that are found in the system. It is capable of repairing system shutdowns caused by dll errors, downloading missing dll files, and removing viruses. The application has four modules and these are fix BSOD, Fix Missing DLL, Fix EXE Virus, and Home, which fixes all the errors found in the system automatically. Upon launching, the application performs a scan of the system and looks for the dll errors present. The results list shows the suggested solutions for the errors. The errors can be fixed manually or automatically by the program.

The program’s user interface is divided into the four modules. The main screen shows the scan button and a link to the Scan Report. Settings for each module can be accessed from the panel at the left side of the screen. The recommended actions based on the computer scan can also be seen at the bottom left side of the screen. Additional features of the program are the Download DLL and DLLPEDIA. The first one scans for the missing dll files in the system, while the second one provides users free downloads for the missing dll files. After scanning and fixing the dll errors, the computer’s overall performance will improve.