Dll-FIles.Com Fixer

Dll-FIles.Com (Shareware) Fixer is a maintenance application that optimizes the system and fixes broken .dll files. The program’s interface is separated into five sections: Status, Scan Registry, Install DLL Files, Backup Registry, and Settings. The program performs a deep scan of the registry. Once the scan is completed, the results show the items that need to be repaired or deleted from the system. The Scan Status also shows the Registry Damage Level (Low, Medium, or High) and the recommended action.

The Scan Registry tab shows the four registry sections that are monitored – System related errors, Com and ActivX errors, User related errors, and Startup and Uninstall errors. Afterwards, users have the option to install .dll files. The computer must be connected to the Internet for this feature. The program searches for .dll files on the program’s website and downloads it on the computer.

Users can also backup the registry using the program. This is useful so that users can revert back to a point when the system is working normally in case system changes result in unwanted results. The Fixer application improves the computer’s response time, cleans the registry, stops programs and the computer from crashing, and optimizes the system’s registry.