DLL Export Viewer 1.61

NirSoft (Freeware)

DLL or Dynamic Link Library is a set of smaller programs, which are utilized by executable programs to communicate with hardware like a printer or it can contain codes which support important functions. An example of its use includes when users execute a program or function to check available disk space. The executable file can perform all the work, or it can call the DLL file, which contains the functions which will communicate to it the free space on the hard disk. In this case, the executable file turns out to be smaller and eliminates redundancy since the codes for the function is already available.

DLL Export viewer is a utility, which gives users the list of the entire functions that were exported and the virtual memory addresses for the all the DLL files. Once they have the virtual memory address for the function, they can include it on the debugger and put a breakpoint for the specific memory address. In this case, the code of .exe file will stop whenever it run across the function, allowing the user to check and see what is the source of the call. This utility does not need to be installed in order for it to work. Users will just need to run the executable file - dllexp.exe, and start using it. Once the program is executed, users will need to select one from the following functions.