DKLang Translation Editor

DK Software (Freeware)

DKLang Translation Editor is an application that helps programmers and software developers translate the text used in their programs into other languages. To be specific, the tool can translate programs that have used the DKLang Localization Package, which is a bundle that can streamline the process of translating a program built with Delphi.

While the translation editor runs on Windows, the software itself is open source, which means that anyone may copy, change, and distribute the application for any purpose. The program offers several features intended to simplify the task of translating embedded text. Some of these features include the following:
• Words entered into the translation tree can be linked to other terms within the tree and bookmarked for later use.
• Basic clipboard functions such as Find and Replace commands are integrated in the program.
• Users may insert extra translation strings that may be related to the target language the program is being translated into.

Additionally, inconsistent translations across the library of terms can be automatically detected. This means that mismatched words are flagged, thus alerting the user of inconsistencies and possible translation inaccuracies that he or she may have overlooked. Once these red flags are corrected, the fixed entries are then automatically logged into the repository for future reference.