DjVuReader (Freeware)

DjVu Reader is an application for reading and viewing files in DjVu format. DjVu is an alternative to PDF files and has a smaller file size, especially for scanned documents. This program is ideal for computers having a hard time showing DjVu files. This reader comes with several features. It has two different modes for viewing documents: the one-page mode, and the two-page mode. The two-page mode turns the document into a virtual book. Users can easily switch between modes so they can read the document in whatever way they like.

Users can adjust the image contrast and brightness easily through a toolbar icon. Two sliders can be moved to adjust the quality of the image. Images and texts may be copied from the reader for pasting onto other applications. The program can open multiple files in tabs in a single window, including content pages and indexes. The keyboard may be used for navigation.

The reader is completely free and can be used without installation. It is also portable, so users can save it onto a USB drive. DjVu reader has an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly, intuitive interface. It is ideal for viewing a large file or for computers that are slow to display DjVu files.