DJMixPro 3.0 Build 73c

Beatlock Technology (Shareware)

DJMixPro is an application that automatically mixes songs as they play on the computer. Users may select songs to play and the program does the mixing just like a real DJ. The program features beatlock technology that monitors a song’s number of beats per minute. With this information, the application is able to create seamless mixes that sound professional.

DJMixPro has a simple interface that novice computer users will be able to operate. All the songs chosen by the user are displayed as a list with the title, name of the artist, beats per minute, genre, length, album, and other song information. Under the DJMixPro window, users will be able to see all the songs that are next on the mix. Users may also change the position of songs on the list.

Other features of the DJMixPro application are the following:

• Burn Mixes to a Disc – The program allows users to burn the mixes to a disc, but the files must be in WAV form. File formats can be changed under output options.
• User-friendly – This application has a user-friendly interface that even novice computer users will be able to operate.
• Read Discs – The program can read MP3, WAV, and data discs.