Pentavision (Proprietary)

DJMaxTrilogy is a PC music game known more popularly as DM TR. It was released in December 2008 and now contains a total of 130 songs. Most of the songs from previously released games in the series are included, plus additional exclusives that will thrill fans and followers of this game. This fun and challenging rhythm action game offers players with five modes of difficulty.

DJMaxTrilogy contains music tracks from DJMAX Portable, DJMAX Portable 2, DJMAX Online, and DJMAX Portable 2 OST. The main challenge is to play the notes accurately. A “Fever” feature can be activated and with this function in effect, scores are multiplied either 2x or 5x. This game also offers players of varying skill the chance to exercise their mastery of notes. A four-key game is available to beginners, while there is a more complicated eight-key set up for more advanced players. DJMax games may be played online, opening up the opportunity to challenge players from other part of the world.

In DJMaxTrilogy, players can maintain a profile that saves game settings, the player’s progress, and high scores as well. In order to run this game, a USB profile key is needed, which is a high security USB stick that works while the game is running to continuously decrypt and encrypt the game.