djDecks DX 1.02

adionSoft (Shareware)

djDecks DX is a multimedia application that enables deejays to mix audio or video files easily. This application makes use of DirectX 9 to render graphics and video effects. It can also play karaoke, video clips, slide shows, and text overlays. It has a built-in browser, playlist, and search feature so users can locate audio tracks and video files quickly. It has support for a number of controllers such as midi, OSC, and HID. Its flexible audio engine enables users to mix multiple devices, such as Directsound, Asio, and Wasapi. Its other features include:

• Equalizer – this application comes with an internal mixer, which includes a 3-band equalizer with pre-listening options, a limiter, and adjustable frequencies.
• Sound effects – among the effects included in this application are filter, flanger, gapper, and bitcrusher.
• Full-featured decks – users can see detailed colored waveforms that can help them in seeing the next beats, as well as cue points and beat-aligned loops to make mixing easier. Users can also change the tempo and correct the pitch.
• Vinyl Control – gives users the feeling of mixing with vinyl records while using digital files. This feature makes use of vinyls that contain special codes, and is compatible with vinyls from Traktor Scratch, Final Scratch, MsPinku, Virtual DJ, and Serato Scratch Live.