DJ Studio Pro (Freeware)

DJ Studio Pro is a program that enables users to mix different music tracks and play songs. It comes with a comprehensive set of audio mixing tools for both professional and amateur deejays. Users can modify their audio files and convert these to other file types such as WMA, MP4, and MP3. Among this application’s features are the following:

• Beat matching system – users can create manual or automatic beat match offset play points for every track
• Offset and Effect play buttons – these are part of the DJ control buttons included in the program. These buttons function to fade music and create offset play points.
• Downloadable clips – users have access to more than a hundred sound clips that can be downloaded for audio mixing use.
• Play CDs – the selected tracks for audio CD playing are loaded into the program’s memory so users can insert another CD without having to stop the current CD from playing.
• Album art – the program connects to the Internet to search for CD track titles and album cover art

DJ Studio Pro can also create a database of all of the user’s audio files automatically. The database can be organized according to album title, artist, and tempo. Users can add and control sound effects using the built-in Sound Plate. With this tool, users can change the playing speed, adjust song pitch, and add scratch effects to any track.