Dj Mixer Studio

Aedge Performance BCN SL (Freeware)

Dj Mixer Studio is an audio mixing application suitable for both beginners and professional DJs. With the program, users are able to mix songs or even do live recordings to mix with existing songs. The basic and advanced features of the software allow users to create DJ sets. The application’s main interface has two turntables and resembles an actual mixing setup. Some of the other controls found on the interface are for the audio beats per minute, the music waves, and the music time. Other command buttons and controls include equalization, gain, volume, and the play and pause buttons.

The program has a feature called hot cues. This allows the user to set points on specific areas on the song. There are also temp buttons for decreasing or increasing the song’s beats per minute. Another main feature of the software is Auto DJ. With Auto DJ, users can create playlists of mixes, and automatically play songs based on the playlist created.

Other features of the application are the following:
• Support for live streaming – users can stream DJ sets on the Internet using the application
• Support for vinyl records – the virtual turntable can be connected to an external turntable
• Skinnable interface – the program comes with 17 different skins