DJ Java Decompiler

Atanas Neshkov (Shareware)

DJ Java Decompiler is a standalone Windows system tool used by software developers to reconstruct (or decompile) the source code taken from complex Java applets and other binary files. It converts ready-to-run (executable) program code into another form of higher-level programming language that is readable by humans. It will work even when Java is not installed.

The software is not limited to functioning as a Java disassembler and decompiler software; it is a comprehensive Java editor that uses color-coded syntax on its graphical user interface (GUI). While the user is allowed to translate computer-readable codes into a language that is more easily interpreted by humans, the output is not completely similar to the source code. It can only be used to help analyze the snippets of code from the original source. The software is intended for developers who wish to analyze binaries and Java applets.

The DJ Java Decompiler’s GUI is a software-independent feature that allows users to view Java source codes and binary Class files. The user can scan the reconstructed source code to gain immediate access to fields and methods. This developer software is free and can be used only for personal needs. It cannot be used commercially and cannot be bundled with commercially-sold software.