DJ Audio Editor 4.5

Program4Pc (Shareware)

DJ Audio Editor is an audio editing software application developed by the company Program4Pc. This program enables users to perform various tasks on audio files. As an editing tool, users can open audio files and edit them. They can also create an audio track from scratch using any of the many effects offered by the program. Editing functions also include copying or cutting and pasting a mix from a part of the file. It supports a wide range of file formats, which is composed of MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA, and M4A among others.

DJ Audio Editor also features a host of effects that can help users enhance their audio creations. Some of these effects are Amplify, Delay, Invert, Reverb, Add Noise, and Time Stretch. Users can also combine any of these effects to create a unique result. The program also contains several filters such as Low, High, Band Pass, High Shelf, Peak EQ Filter, and Notch Filter. The simple and attractive interface features a spectral or waveform display to give the user an idea of the effects and filters are affecting the audio file. The program keeps a record of every event in a project, so that users can easily redo or undo an action.