Dixio Application

Semantix Group (Shareware)

Dixio Application is a program that was created by the Semantix Group and it serves the purpose of providing its users with an up-to-date and easy-to-use multiple languages dictionary. Although there are available resources for translation services, these act as separate programs which means that users have to access a separate dictionary and a separate translation program to accomplish the same task that can be done entirely with the Dixio Application.

This program is a one-stop shop for any definition and translation needs. It can be expected not only to provide assistance when it comes to these two things. It can also be expected by users to automatically analyze any inputted context. This is what separates it from other programs. It does not only give general definitions. It gives definitions that are in line with the context desired by the user. The same concept goes when it comes to the translation element.

There are multiple languages being offered by the Dixio Application for its translating component. Apart from Portuguese, users can access Catalan, Italian, Russian, English, and Spanish languages for both the dictionary and translator. To give users a better understanding of the context, the program utilizes an Encyclopedia search basis. The best possible explanation of meaning is provided per search.